College Visit Worksheet

Do you have college visits coming up soon? How exciting! 

Let’s make sure these visits are fun and provide you with all the info you need to make a decision without feeling overwhelmed.

I have put together a FREE college visit worksheet that you can get delivered directly to your inbox. Print one per college you visit. 

Here’s what’s included on that worksheet. It will be up to you to decide the level of importance for each. 

Distance from home. How long did it take to get there? How much did it cost? How often will you travel between school and home?

School Setting: Do you like the geographical location? Does it have the social, recreational, and employment opportunities you desire? Can you get around off campus if you need to? Do you like the climate?

Campus and Facilities: Do you like the size and setting of the campus? How is the condition of buildings? Would you feel comfortable and safe? Does it have the modern conveniences and necessities you’re looking for? How is the quality of the facilities related to your area of study?

Students: Do you like the tour guide and other students you encounter during your visit? Outside of class, did students flock together in friendly groups, or were they more serious and independent? 

Faculty & Academics: Does the current course catalog offer what you need and want? If you observed any classes, how did the class size feel? Did you like the professor? 

Dormitories: Did you like the size and condition? How was the bathroom access? Are you able to choose where you live and your roommates? 

Dining Hall and Food Options: Did you like the look and feel of the dining hall? Did the food and menu appeal to you? Are there other convenient meal options available? 

Sports/Extracurricular Facilities: If you play a sport or have a certain club or extracurricular activity in mind, such as rowing or theater, did the school have the facilities you were hoping for? 

Student Life/Social Scene/Greek Life: What do students do for fun? Are there fraternities and sororities, and do you think you would like to be a part of Greek life? 

Other Pros and Cons: What are some other things you loved or hated? Did you learn anything new about the school, or were you surprised by anything you liked or didn’t like? 

Good luck and have fun!