4 out of 10 of students drop out of college.
This Is Preventable.
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Here's what parents of previous students have said

Sowmya, Georgia 

"It was very tailored and personalized to suit each child. It's also much more of a wholesome personal exploration for my son which I valued.”

Angela, Massachusetts

Life Quest definitely put more structure around the process. Kids need some sort of structure to make the experience of looking for a college and life itself make more sense.”

Nicole, Maryland 

“There are so many things I had never known or even knew how to find in order to help my daughter. Life Quest was everything a mom would want to find in a course on adult life.”

Susan, California

This program was very different from other programs. It focused on the whole person in providing guidance after high school. I felt my daughters were being offered limited guidance based on the limited time and resources offered by the school. It was important to me that the conversations took into consideration the girls as a whole .Not just as students.”