I am Emma B. Perez
Career and Life Design Coach for Teens

My Story

I’m a mentor who specializes in helping teens and young adults craft who they want to be and how they will impact the world.
I began this path a decade ago working in admissions at a University. Before too long I moved on to facilitating college and career workshops at dozens of high schools all over the Atlanta Metro area for tens of thousands of students. Now I work directly with families. With my program Life Quest®, I guide students through self-discovery, career exploration, and vision creation. This leads young people to a future that allows them to live thriving and fulfilling lives.

Upon working directly with teachers in high schools, I saw first-hand how different school was from what I remembered. I began to ponder what school could be like for young people with a simple shift in the goal of education. My book, "What's the Point of School: Ed Transformation, A Matter of Life and Death" takes a look at the current goal of the American education system, how it came to be, and what effects it has on our children's wellbeing and future.

The book also suggests how a shift in the purpose and goal of education can have a positive domino effect for the wellbeing of students, society, the economy, and the future of work. During the composition of the book, I formulated the Five Happy Healthy Elements. By focusing on these elements I believe we have the potential to make this education transformation come to fruition. You can learn more about the Five Happy Healthy Elements by reading my book, and you can learn more about my other projects by exploring this website.

Proven Results

Hear what other teens have said
"My vision for life after high school is more clear and direct to what I want to do/be and I know now that I will be successful"

AJ, 15

"I'm feeling positive and inspired about the occupations I collected. I am less stressed in regards to making decisions for my future." 

Sarah, 21

"I definitely feel more secure and like I have a direction to plot out. Emma is understanding and extremely relatable."

Ava, 16

"My vision for life after high school is definitely more clear and laid out. I feel prepared and ready to take on whatever comes."

Suzel, 15

"Emma is not a lecturer or a teacher, but a role model. I'm happy to say that I've had much more confidence in taking my own path!"

Kat, 18

"It's a wonderful program and gives the teen a great in-depth knowledge into who they are and what they may find satisfying and fulfilling in life."

Sowmya, Mother

How Your Teen Can Go From Undecided to Excited
Learn why your teen is feeling stuck and what you can do to help them.
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