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Emma B. Perez

Dynamic speaker, author, and expert in purpose development & career exploration.
Emma has inspired minds all across the globe. Her mission is clear: to empower individuals to craft their own definition of success and to find where their dreams and decisions intersect.

Emma has spoken in front of thousands, from facilitating dozens of career guidance workshops and her Empower Your Teen tele-summit series to being a featured guest on numerous podcasts.

Emma's authenticity and her genuine enthusiasm to help always shine through, whether on stage, in a workshop, or in a virtual setting. Her ability to connect with her audience comes from a deep understanding of the challenges faced in the modern world. Emma's presentations are more than just keynotes; they are engaging conversations that address the realities of today’s job market, the uncertainties of the future, and the importance of adaptable skills.

Emma offers more than inspiration; she provides a practical roadmap for discovering purpose, navigating careers, and thriving amidst constant change. Her words guide you on a journey to uncover your unique impact on the world.

Who is Emma?

In addition to speaking, Emma B. Perez guides students and young adults worldwide through the intricate paths of purpose development, career exploration, and life design.
Founder of Be On Purpose, LLC in the U.S., Life Quest Consulting, Inc. in Canada, and Host of Empower Your Teen, Emma is a mentor and author who specializes in helping teens and young adults craft who they want to be and how they will impact the world. She began this path more than a decade ago working in university admissions. Before too long she moved on to facilitating college and career workshops at dozens of high schools all over Metro Atlanta for tens of thousands of students.

Upon working directly with teachers in high schools, she saw firsthand how different school was from what she remembered. She began to ponder what school could be like for young people with a simple shift in the goal of education. Her book, "What's the Point of School" takes a look at the current goal of the American education system, how it came to be, and what effects it has on our children's well-being and future.

The book also suggests how a shift in the purpose and goal of education can have a positive domino effect on the well-being of students, society, the economy, and the future of work. During the composition of the book, she formulated the Five Happy Healthy Elements. By focusing on these elements, Emma believes we have the potential to make this education transformation come to fruition.

Starting her business in 2019, she began working directly with families. Combining her in-school experience with her personal career exploration journey, and utilizing her Six Ps to Purpose philosophy, she created Life Quest®, an innovative, six-module program that leads students through self-discovery, career exploration, and crafting futures aligned with core values. Now located in Nova Scotia, she is bringing Life Quest® to organizations and institutions.

Versatile Speaking Experience

Whether captivating live audiences at professional conferences or leading workshops, Emma's speaking versatility extends beyond the stage to media and tele-summits. As the host of the Empower Your Teen expert interview series and a sought-after guest on podcasts, she has explored diverse topics from parenting to work of the future.

Emma’s stage experience goes all the way back to the tender age of three when she first sang for her church’s congregation. This lifelong journey of singing, dancing, and acting allows her to approach facilitation and presentation with ease. She combines this foundation with her professional experience making her a versatile and dynamic speaker.

Inspirational and Forward-Thinking Approach

Emma’s natural inspirational approach and genuine desire to help people find their purpose shine through and help audiences connect with her. Her uplifting and forward-thinking outlook inspires hope for the future and allows everyone present the chance to think about their place in the world and how to succeed - whatever that means to them.

Perfect for Keynotes, Closings, and Workshops.
As a speaker, Emma's presentations are tailored for keynotes, closings, or workshops, leaving attendees with a clear understanding of their place in the world and actionable steps toward their own definition of success.

Speaking Topics

How to Prepare for Jobs that Don’t Exist Yet

Exploring the skills necessary to future-proof one’s career in an ever-changing technological landscape

Making Money in the Digital Age

An insightful exploration of today's varied income streams, offering foundational money skills for people of all ages

Purpose Development: An Essential Prerequisite to Career Development

Explore this increasingly essential, yet often overlooked, step in career development.

From Passion to Purpose

A workshop to help individuals identify what truly matters to them and integrate it into their lives.

Six Ps to Purpose - Finding your Place

A talk geared towards organizations, focusing on how to retain key talent by helping employees develop and grow in alignment with their values.

Future Proofing your Purpose

Addressing how to adapt skills and purpose in a rapidly evolving technological landscape, particularly with the advent of AI.

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Areas of Expertise

Emma B. Perez’s background in career mentoring and purpose development spans roles in university admissions, college and career guidance, course creation, and personal career transitions.

She brings extensive experience in guiding individuals to discover their values and define their purpose. She excels at connecting personal values to authentic and inspiring career paths. Emma's expertise encompasses the future of work, preparation for yet-to-exist jobs, navigating the complexities of making money in the digital age, career prototyping, and comprehensive life design strategies.

Emma's presentations leave attendees feeling hopeful, inspired, optimistic, driven, and clear about the impact they want to make in their companies, communities, and the world.
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"I'm feeling positive and inspired about the occupations I collected. I am less stressed in regards to making decisions for my future."


"I definitely feel more secure and like I have a direction to plot out. Emma is understanding and extremely relatable."


"Emma is not a lecturer or a teacher but a role model. I'm happy to say that I've had much more confidence in taking my own path"


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