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in One Place!

...so you can focus on making it happen.

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You Know That You Want to Go to College

But applying is a completely different thing.
In fact, the process can be confusing and overwhelming! And this is on top of all of your school work and extra curricular activities. It can be hard to find the time to just enjoy your life, your friends, your last few years of high school.

But what if you had a blueprint that gives you all of the information you need, as well as deadline management, in one place?

That's what the Road to College membership is all about. It’s made for teens, just like you, who want to go to college but are overwhelmed by the college admission process.

Junior or Senior?

This program is a total game-changer for students because it breaks down the college admission process into small, doable bits.

you don't have to worry about losing track of due dates or deadlines!

That's right! You'll get automated regular notifications explaining exactly what you need to work on.

You'll know what to do to get into college, and exactly when to do it.

Now, instead of getting completely overwhelmed by everything you need to do, you only have to focus on a couple of very easy-to-do tasks at a time.

What's Included

Simply all you need to never miss an important day in your college application.


Now is the time to start preparing for college application.
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Create and refine your list of top schools
Plan out your Application Essays
Virtually visit the schools on your short list
Discover how COVID-19 permanently impact ACT and SAT requirements (and why that's good news for you)
Learn how to enjoy your summer and plan for college at the same time

...and more!


Time to apply and get financial aid!
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Get high-quality teacher and mentor recommendations
Learn how and where to look for scholarships
Complete FAFSA to get more financial aid
Submit your housing options after you've selected your schools
Prepare for your first dar at college without freaking out!

...and more!


All of this content is broken up into small, stress-free tasks so you are always working on the right things at the right time.

Now you don't have to worry about the college admissions process!

It's time to take the confusion out of applying for college.

The Road to College Membership is here to provide a clear and easy roadmap to navigate this new and exciting chapter.

Are you ready to start planning for your future?

Meet Emma B. Perez

  • Founder of Be On Purpose, LLC.
  • A charismatic mentor who specializes in helping teens and young adults craft who they want to be and how they will impact the world.
  • Former University Admission Officer, with more than a decade of experience. 
  • Trained more than tens of thousands of students in Schools over the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.
  • Purpose in life is to ​leads young people to a future that allows them to live thriving and fulfilling lives.
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