This is How my Folks Have Found Success 
After Joining LifeQuest®
Katie Found Her Own Path
When she Enrolled to LifeQuest®
Katie found Life Quest after a sobering semester in college. 

She realized that she had picked the wrong major but didn't know what else to do. 

She took some time off to find her path but didn't yet have any resources or plan for how she would find her path.

Life Quest gave her everything she needed to face questions she was scared to answer and lead her to a path that she is genuinely excited about.
Here's how AJ went from Undecisive
To Having Clarity about His Future with LifeQuest®
AJ worked with me his sophomore year. He had many interests and didn't know which to pick.

Not only that but he had no idea how to turn his interests into a career.

During life quest he was able to explore all of his interests and what kind of work those lead to.

He was then able to hone in on a path that he got really excited about.

By the time he completed Life Quest he had a plan for how he wanted to spend his last few years of high school, and a plan for the years that followed high school and he began working with mentors right away to learn all he could about his chosen profession.
Imagine The Day when your adult child comes to you and says…
“It’s amazing! All of the things on my vision board have come true. I’m living the life I wanted. Thanks for helping me make it happen.”
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