A life design and career exploration self-guided program for teens
Your teen can go from undecided to excited in 6 weeks starting today
Here's The Thing: Making plans for life after high school is Overwhelming
While school counselors are good resources for college application, often aren’t available or equipped to help teens figure out who they want to be and what they want to do with their lives.
The most common piece of advice for teens isn’t very helpful.
When a teen isn’t sure what they want to major in or do after high school, the most common piece of advice they are given is to just pick something they are interested in. This isn’t bad advice but it is incomplete. An interest can point you towards an industry but it’s who they are as a person and what they are intrinsically good at that will help them find the jobs within those industries that are uniquely suited to them. And it’s their values and priorities that help them make big decisions like this.
The typical college and career process is done backward!
Most teens are directed to pick out which college they want to go to first. Then find a major. Next, figure out what you will do for work. Instead we need to start with who they are as a person and who they want to be. Then they can take time contemplating what they want for their lives outside of work. Finally they can find an occupation that fits who they are and what they want for their future. They will then know the education path they need to take and finally find the right school for that.
Teens are finding their identity separate from their family and they want unbiased support to do this.
At this developmental stage, young people are finding their own identity separate from their parents which makes this kind of work perfect for this time of their life. In addition they are looking for unbiased guidance and support. Everyone in their lives wants the best for them, but are biased, even when they know the teen best. But you can provide the unbiased support they are looking for.
"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."
Frederick Douglass
Here’s what parents have had to say:

Sowmya, Georgia 

“It is definitely a wonderful program and gives the teen a great in depth knowledge into who they are. It also helps them to know what they may find satisfying and fulfilling in life. It was very tailored and personalized to suit each child. It's also much more of a wholesome personal exploration for my son which I valued.”

Angela, Massachusetts

“Life Quest definitely put more structure around the process and during this time we definitely needed the structure, as all kids need some sort of structure to make the experience of looking for a college and life itself to make more sense."

Nicole, Maryland 

“There are so many things I had never known or even knew how to find in order to help my daughter really explore her path. The way she was able to feel heard and motivated to see a path without it coming from a parent was huge! I want my daughter to feel empowered to make life choices and by providing an environment where I could step back and keep the mom opinions out she was able to come up with her own path with guidance from a coach. Besides all the amazing ways she learned to work on her goals, finances and career path, she also learned that there are support professionals she can call on in life. It was everything a mom would want to find in a highschool course on adult life (that does not exist) but also 1 on 1 so she felt heard and motivated.”

Susan, California

“I hired Emma to work with two of my teenage daughters. We had previously worked with a high school guidance counselor, but I felt they were being offered limited guidance based on the limited time and resources offered by the school. It was important to me that the conversations took into consideration the girls as a whole .Not just as students. Emma is professional and able to engage with teens in a lighthearted way that allows them to express what is important to them. This program was very different from other programs. It focused on the whole person in providing guidance after high school. It not only talked about possible options after high school, but it was aimed at the student really considering who they are and what they value before considering what would be a natural transition for them. I have not seen another program like this. I liked the fact that my daughters can access any of the information they covered in the future as it becomes more relevant. I like that Life Quest focuses on the importance of having the student consider what really matters to them by understanding what their strengths are and having alternative game plans in life.”
"Every day our children spread their dreams beneath our feet. We should tread softly." 
Sir Ken Robinson
Life Quest®: The best gift to give your teen
A program to help your teen:
Design a future they love
Rather than following the crowd, each teen deserves the chance to craft their own unique definition of success. This starts by creating a vision for their lives that they are excited about.
Get matched with occupations uniquely suited to them
Not only will they discover occupations - maye even some that they didn’t know existed - that are uniquely suited to them, but they will also get the chance to dive deeper into understanding those occupations so they can pick what’s most exciting to them and what will support the life they have designed.
Find and take their next steps
Once they have crafted their own unique definition of success as well as a future they are excited about they will then be able to find the best path for them to take to make it happen!
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What Makes Life Quest® Different?
Created with Teens and Young adults in mind
Teens are given many resources and the freedom to solidify their Dreams and plans
With LQ Plus they will receive 
1-on-1 support & guidance
Proven Results
Your teen can join the other Life Quest® graduates who Are less stressed and excited To take their next steps
On-Going Access
Your teen will have continued access to all materials that they can come back to at any time
Holistic Approach
Life Quest® focuses on the student and who they are as a person rather than their ranking or scores
Your teen’s unique contribution can be found at the crossroads of their innate abilities and how they can serve
Your teen has the opportunity to discover their unique qualities and how those can lead to finding a career they love.
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Your Teen Is Six Weeks Away From Falling In Love With Their Life Project
Here's what we will cover week by week
Module 1: Self Discovery
Be able to state values. Know what kind of person they want to be. Understand what/who influences them most and how those influences impact them.
Module 2: Living a Fulfulling Life
Set Priorities. Know How they want to spend their time. Discover the practices that help them to find satisfaction in life regardless of circumstances.
Module 3: Money Mindsetting
Explore the 8 Types of Income streams and how to utilize them. Basic understanding of Money Management and growing wealth. Cultivate a Positive Money Mindset.
Module 4:  Career Prototyping
Will discover a handful of occupations that are uniquely suited to them. Will have an understanding of DAY-TO-DAY life in those occupations. Walk away with 2-3 options they are excited about and a top choice to get started with.
Module 5: Dreams to Reality
Understand how to know when they need to redirect and when they need to persist. Know what path they want to take as well as alternatives. Formulate an action plan for making things happen and a vision for their future.
Next Steps
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Plus On-demand On-going Access To These Tools
Video Lessons and Tutorials
4-6 video lessons and tutorials at 5-20 minutes each per module.
Action Packs
Each action pack is filled with activities and exercises.
Occupation Matching
Accompanying the career exploration exercises are 5 assessments that will align students with occupations and outline how/why those occupations are suited to them.
Occupation Search
They will be able to learn more about their matched occupations including average salary and required qualifications.
Degree Search
They will be able to take a look at the degrees they are interested in to discover which occupations they would be qualified for after earning the degree.
College Search
They will be able to find institutions based on what they want to study.
Internship Job Board
Find postings of internships they can participate in at any time.
Education Portfolio
Keep track of educational accomplishments. With it all in one place they can easily pull this info when it’s time to fill out applications.
Professional Portfolio
Keep track of jobs and volunteer opportunities. With it all in one place they can easily pull this info when it’s time to create resumes.
Take a look at this quick video with a sneak peak of LifeQuest®
"Gabi, 17, was scared of her future..."
Gabi, 17

“When I get scared of something, or when I have a bad feeling about something, I put off doing it. But doing Life Quest made me feel a lot more comfortable with going through the steps of applying to college. It’s easier to think about my future now. It’s been super positive, and I honestly can’t say I wouldn’t have gotten to all of this by myself. You still have to do the work; you still have to work it out for yourself, but Life Quest gives you a guide. I wouldn’t have known where to start. Also, it opened my eyes to things I didn’t think I could do. I still want to go to college next year, but there’s a lot of other cool things you can do outside of that!”

Imagine The Day when your adult child comes to you and says…
“It’s amazing! All of the things on my vision board have come true. I’m living the life I wanted. Thanks for helping me make it happen.”
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Bonus 1: Institution Selection Guide
A simple guide to evaluate your best move foward considering:
- 7 Ways to Continue Education after Highschool, 
- Potential Return Of Educational Investment
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Bonus 2: College Application Package
Application Timeline Checklist. College Visit Worksheet. Scholarship Tracker. College Funding Guide.
Valued at $249
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Bonus 3: Money Skills - A Complete Course
A full in-depth financial literacy program specially designed for teens and young adults. These 6-module self-paced program is based on three pillards of Financial Literacy:
1. Money Management
2. Money Growth Mindset
3. Money In The Digital Age
Valued at $1497
Bonus 4: Road2College Subcription
It breaks down the college admission process into small, doable bits. You'll get automated regular notifications explaining exactly what you need to work on that week or month.
Valued at $110
15-Day Money Back Guarantee: 
If your teen gets started and feels it's just not for them. Even if they just won't show up to do the work. I will give you a refund.
100% Security in your initial investment.
We are totally committed to your teen's success.

Pick Your LifeQuest® Blueprint Plan

With Life Quest® Blueprint your teen can work through this program with a self-paced approach. 

For a personalized experience with one-on-one Coaching explore LIfeQuest®+ Coaching.

LIfeQuest® DIY
Pay In Full

One-time Payment, Lifetime Access
One-on-one Career Coaching
Parent Debrief
LifeQuest® Video Lessons 
Action Packs
Occupation Matching & Search
Degree & College Search
Intership Job Board
Education & Professional Portfolio
Bonus 1: Institution Selection Guide ($349)
Bonus 2: College Application Package ($249)
Bonus 3: Money Skills - A Complete Course ($1497)
Bonus 4: Road2College Subcription ($110)

LIfeQuest® DIY
Payment Plan

Three monthly payments.
One-on-one Career Coaching
Parent Debrief
LifeQuest® Video Lessons 
Action Packs
Occupation Matching & Search
Degree & College Search
Intership Job Board
Education & Professional Portfolio
Bonus 1: Institution Selection Guide ($349)
Bonus 2: College Application Package ($249)
Bonus 3: Money Skills - A Complete Course ($1497)
Bonus 4: Road2College Subcription ($110)
Frequently Asked Questions

How can I present the idea of doing Life Quest® to my teen?

Every parent has their own way of discussing this with their teens. Some parents have found it helpful to show their teens the video at the top of this page.
But the most helpful thing for students is to meet me. This gives them the chance to get to know the person who will mentor them. This is why each enrolled student is required to have a quick meet-and-greet call with me before they start this program. This call also goes a long way to helping your teen decide how committed they are to the program.
Don’t forget about the 15 day money back guarantee. This will allow you to take advantage of the special offers but also give you time to discuss it with your teen.

Your teen can get their 30 minute meet and greet scheduled here: emmabperez.com/contact

What is the difference between LIfe Quest® Blueprint and Life Quest® Plus

Life Quest Blueprint® is a life-design and career exploration course for young people aged 15-25. The education is delivered utilizing video lessons and tutorials, action packs fill with activities and exercises, and more.

With Life Quest® Plus you receive everything in LQ Blueprint, plus one-on-one coaching with Emma B. Perez.

Do you offer Life Quest® in a group coaching format?

I don’t have a “Life Quest® Guild” scheduled at this time. However, if your teen would like to form their own Guild (3 or more students), I am happy to accommodate. the pricing for each student is $1495. All of the same bonuses will apply to the Guild students who enroll this week but instead of 1-on-1 coaching, the Guild will share the coaching calls. Reach out to me to request this at emma@emmabperez.com.

Do you provide financial assistance or payment plans?

I provide payment plans for Life Quest®

Can I get a refund if my teen doesn't take the course?

Yes. I offer a 15 day money back guarantee. Contact me within 15 days of enrollment to un-enroll your teen, and you will receive a full refund.

When does the enrollment period end?

Doors are open March 2nd-9th.

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for young people aged 15-25. Ideal LQ students are:
-Teens that are highly ambitious and want to start working with A MENTOR right away.
-Teens that aren't sure what they want to do and need some guidance to make that decision.
-Teens that feel dejected and want something fun to get excited and motivated.

Is this an asynchronous program?

Yes. This program is asynchronous with the student viewing the video lesson and completing the action packs on their own time. However, LQ Plus students will also have a 1-on-1 coaching session upon completion of each module’s materials. These sessions allow them to dive deeper into the material and solidify their understanding.

Does online learning really work?

It certainly can. When I asked a student of mine how he felt about taking this course (especially during distance learning in 2020) his response was: “Life quest was definitely different than another class because when your participating in online schooling a lot of it is not things you will use in the real world furthermore the teachers are not enthusiastic or fun. Whereas during lifequest you are having fun while preparing yourself for life. What more could you ask for?”

Keep in mind, some students do better with online learning than others, but the content of the LQ is so different from what and how they learn in school that most students don’t struggle to engaging with Life Quest.

Are you accredited or licensed by educational organizations?

Much of my training was administered by my employers when I worked in admissions and as a college and career workshop facilitator. I combined that knowledge with my own personal experience working with career and life coaches. I am also a member of the Gap Year Association and Nova Scotia Career Development Association and am currently working towards additional certifications.

My experience as a college and career facilitator working with and in schools all across the Metro of Atlanta inspired me to become an Author as well. My book “What’s the Point of School?”, which takes a closer look at the goal of public education, can be found here.

Can we use 529 funds to pay for this program?

529 funds that are used for “qualifying” purchases aren’t penalized. Qualifying purchases are required expenses from an accredited university. These included tuition, books, supplies, rooms and board.

However, you can use the money for anything. Just keep in mind that if it is a “nonqualified” purchase, you will pay a penalty, usually 10%, and you'll pay some taxes. However, you only pay a tax on the portion of your withdrawal that attributed to gains. You can read up on that more here: https://www.bankrate.com/loans/student-loans/no-escape-from-529-plan-penalty/

Examples of non qualified purchases are: test prep, college application fees, transportation, and even extracurriculars at the university. And unfortunately, Life Quest.
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How Your Teen Can Go From Undecided to Excited
Learn why your teen is feeling stuck and what you can do to help them.
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