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Gain full clarity on all the educational paths you have after high school.
Learn which of the education options are a path to University and which are an alternative.
Incorporate the return on education investment in your decision-making.

Proven Results

Hear what other teens have said
"My vision for life after high school is more clear and direct to what I want to do/be and I know now that I will be successful"

AJ, 15

"I'm feeling positive and inspired about the occupations I collected. I am less stressed in regards to making decisions for my future." 

Sarah, 21

"I definitely feel more secure and like I have a direction to plot out. Emma is understanding and extremely relatable."

Ava, 16

"My vision for life after high school is definitely more clear and laid out. I feel prepared and ready to take on whatever comes."

Suzel, 15

"Emma is not a lecturer or a teacher, but a role model. I'm happy to say that I've had much more confidence in taking my own path!"

Kat, 18

"It's a wonderful program and gives the teen a great in-depth knowledge into who they are and what they may find satisfying and fulfilling in life."

Sowmya, Mother


This is right for you if you...

You're a parent who has a teen graduating in the next year or two.
You thought there were only two options after high school: college or work, and you’re curious to know more.
You are in a gap year or in college but are still undecided about your path.
You’re not sure college is affordable for your family and you want to know what the other options are.
Your teen isn’t sure if college is the right educational environment for them.
You're a parent who wants their child to thrive in a life they love.

Meet Emma B. Perez

  • Founder of Be On Purpose, LLC.
  • A charismatic mentor who specializes in helping teens and young adults craft who they want to be and how they will impact the world.
  • Background in university admissions, with more than a decade of experience. 
  • Trained tens of thousands of students in Schools over the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.
  • Purpose in life is to ​leads young people to a future that allows them to live thriving and fulfilling lives.