November 21, 2022

Imagine the possibilities

Can you imagine your teen pursuing their future with drive and excitement? Can you imagine knowing that the path they chose will not only lead to a thriving life of financial security but also a life of fulfillment? For so many young people this isn’t the case.

Can you imagine your teen pursuing their future with drive and excitement? Can you imagine knowing that the path they chose will not only lead to a thriving life of financial security but also a life of fulfillment? For so many young people this isn’t the case.
Many teens get to graduation and just pick a school or a major because it’s what they are “supposed to” do, it’ll make them good money, or it’s what everyone else is doing. But there’s no purpose other than that and there’s no excitement for their future. Some get to graduation without making any decision at all.
This can lead to them feeling aimless in life, wandering through it hoping they will stumble upon their passion. These young people can often feel purposeless which can lead to depression or negative habits. They are often unmotivated, anxious, and sometimes angry. Or maybe it will lead to changing majors, which will cost time and lots of money for both them and you.

What can you do?

The good news is, all of this can be avoided! It is possible for your teen to craft their own unique definition of success that they are excited about. They can find occupations that are uniquely suited to who they are and what they value and then start taking the steps towards them with direction and purpose.

When they have the opportunity to go through this process, they will learn how to move through life motivated. Everything they do in life will have a reason, a purpose. They will know what’s important and what’s not because they will have their own internal GPS system that will allow them to live with more freedom and less stress. 
 You have the opportunity to provide all of this to your child this summer!

Life Quest®
What is it? Life Quest® is an online 6 week program designed to help teens and young adults each craft their own version of success and find the steps to pursue it. This program is designed to fit in and around your child’s other activities, yet it has the power to reshape their future for the better.

Here's what parents and young people are saying:

Sowmya - GA
It is definitely a wonderful program and gives the teen a great in depth knowledge into who they are. It also helps them to know what they may find satisfying and fulfilling in life. It was very tailored and personalized to suit each child. It's also much more of a wholesome personal exploration for my teen which I valued.

Sarah - London
Prior to this, I hadn't received any career guidance. Now, I'm feeling positive and inspired about the occupations I collected. I am less stressed in regards to making decisions for my future and I feel that I have a good game plan for pursuing my career and finances. The program gave me clear options and Emma is so lovely. I would recommend this program.

Michele - MA
Hiring Emma is one of the best decisions we’ve made for our teen daughter who is navigating the whole process of figuring out life after high school. It took the pressure and stress off of us, as parents, and our daughter actually enjoys working with Emma. Our daughter’s high school’s focus is limited like most, if not all, high schools and they can’t accommodate each student’s unique needs. As parents, we don't have the knowledge or resources to do so. At a reasonable cost, one can have guidance from the experienced, professional, responsive, and uplifting Emma!  It’s well worth it, and we highly recommend her. We’re very grateful for finding Emma.

Jonathan - FL
Upon completion of the modules and action packs I understand the importance and value of each. For someone to find a path is important, but to prepare and empower someone (both mentally and emotionally) is paramount to healthy success. This program is a valuable system that can assist students not only in the classroom but also in the workplace and in their personal lives.

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Founder of Be On Purpose, LLC, Emma is a mentor who specializes in helping teens and young adults craft who they want to be and how they will impact the world.

As the author of "What's the Point of School: Ed Transformation, A Matter of Life and Death" Emma is pushing the education transformation movement forward. Her work seeks to redesign our school system from its industrial structure to one that serves our students by giving them the tools they need to thrive in all areas of their lives, internal and external. 

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