November 18, 2022

Protests during a pandemic

More and more high school graduates are choosing to take a year off after high school and before college. Even college students sometimes choose to take a leave of absence. So the question I get from many families is how to make the most of this time. 

When it comes to racial injustice, I am no expert. It will be a constant journey of educating myself, growing from what I learn, and teaching my children as best I can.

In spite of my shortcomings, I wanted to find a way to help parents whose families are struggling as we watch what's unfolding this week. So, I found people who know better than I do and gathered resources that might be helpful to you.

Common Sense Media - the nation's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to providing trustworthy information and education. Here you can find ratings for movies, books, and games created with families in mind. Click the button below to find a list of black history movies that tackle racism for ages 9 and up.

 Vice Media - Click the button below to get self-care tips for black people struggling during this painful week.

Today -  Click the button below to get guidance on how to talk to kids, preschool through teenagers, about racism and injustice.

Anti Racism Resources - This document is intended to serve as a resource to white people and parents. Feel free to circulate this document on social media and with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Dark times like these bring attention to what needs to be changed. It is a painful time, yet it is also a time that allows us to learn, change, and grow. Let's choose growth together.

Stay safe and stay well.

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Founder of Be On Purpose, LLC, Emma is a mentor who specializes in helping teens and young adults craft who they want to be and how they will impact the world.

As the author of "What's the Point of School: Ed Transformation, A Matter of Life and Death" Emma is pushing the education transformation movement forward. Her work seeks to redesign our school system from its industrial structure to one that serves our students by giving them the tools they need to thrive in all areas of their lives, internal and external. 

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